Unique Photoshoots for your Kids

I'm so excited that you found this page.  Komic Kidz is a passion of mine to have your kid's dream shoot as their favorite character. How often does a child get their own photoshoot and actually want to be there? Dressed in goofy dress-up clothes?
No way, not here! 

We have fun!

Have your child ready with the outfit of their choice and We'll take it from there. We will have a fun shoot and get some great photos. 

Afterward, I'll composite a photo from our shoot and create an epic scene that suits our child's chosen character.  The art piece will be printed on stunning HD high-quality aluminum print.  These are ultra-premium photo print that will make your photos come alive.

Contact us for more information and to book your child's shoot.

London, Ontario | Reid_lucier@hotmail.com | Tel: 778-996-7243 

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